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10 Comments on Aldi German Bratwurst Sausages Review

    • Rena Margozzi

      May I buy a case of german bratwurst? We are having a community Oktoberfest in September. How many are in case and what is price? Thank you

  1. Bill

    they are the worst tasting sausages I’ve ever come across totally and utterly disgusting like something dead you found on the side of the road

  2. Brian Burberry

    Great sausage but they were removed from the shelves Christmas then back two week now disappeared again. Anyone know why and will they be returning?

  3. Mike Peirson

    We have been buying bratwurst from Aldi for yonks, but Aldi have stopped selling Bratwurst, I could not find any today (11/03/2020) in Aldi Hythe in Kent. I asked staff and they said that bratwurst have been withdrawn for two months, but did not know why.

  4. Debbie Humphreys

    Hi, I have been unable to locate this product in any local Aldi stores, this has been the case for several weeks, do Aldi stores still stock this product?

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