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4 Comments on Lidl Vitafit Cloudy Apple Juice Review

  1. Jill Hockridge

    COMPLAINT. I have just opened a carton of your Vitafit cloudy apple juice and a few bits came out too. Thinking itvwwas bits of apple I drank it but when I poured a second one even more bits came out. I cut open the carton to find a huge lump of mouldy sludge covering the bottom. I sincerely hope I dont have any ill effects and feel I need some compensation. The sell by date is Nov17. Would you look into this for me please

    • Editor

      Hi, sorry to hear about your experience with this product. We are not actually affiliated with Lidl or any other Supermarket, we are just independent product reviewers. However, you can get in touch with Lidl Customer Services HERE or alternatively call 0800 977 7766. Hope that helps.

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