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6 Comments on Aldi Sweet Chilli Pea Snacks Review

  1. Dan

    Bought a multipack (6 packs) of the chilli & lime flavour, ridiculously more-ish, even more so than pringles, they’re like the crack cocaine of the snack world !

  2. Charlie

    Just ate a pack today with my daughter. We did it for a taster to see if we like it. I didn’t tell her they were peas!

    Both of us absolutely loved the chilli flavor with them. Healthier option than crisps. I wanna go back to Aldi to stock up. Hopefully they will do a multipack, as that would be great option.Both satisfied with the product

    • Editor

      Yes, these snacks are a treat. We’ve added Readers Review options on all our latest reviews so you can now leave your rating out of 5 stars

  3. George

    These are the best!! Why is there not anymore 6 pack options?? i can only find sour cream (which i like) but at 49p a packet up to 6 for 99p when i really want the sweet chilli and salt & vinegar (personal favs). Can we get more variety on the multi please!!!!

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