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  1. John Mason-Morris

    My wife has a suppressed immune system. Tonight she had a violent reaction to the high level if Sulphites used in this product. She collapsed, had difficulty breathin and was sick. She has an allergic reaction due to medication attacking her immune system but, this is a first time reaction to Sulphites. I dont know the % of Sulphites however, it must be high to be nearly at the top of the list of ingredients. This product is a potential Killer for people like my wife. Regards John

    • Editor

      I am really sorry to hear about your wife’s allergy attack and I hope she is back to 100%. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and to other potential sufferers reading this product review.

    • Natalie Goodband

      I too have had a severe reaction to these sausages . Severe rash , burning skin, stomach pains , vomiting . I am in the doctors had I write this . These shouldn’t be on sale

  2. anne

    These contain SULPHITES which cause allergies. I mean serious in many cases. Even those who do not realise they are allergic to sulphites get itching and wheezing… took me years to figure out what it was. There are so many safer preservatives, no need to use this nasty ingredient in this modern day.

    • Natalie Goodband

      I too have had an allergic reaction to these sausages . Severe stomach pains . Rash burning skin and vomiting . They should be banned . I’m in the doctors as I am writing this

  3. Ian

    “claim to be filled with “…a great big dollop of mash, oodles of gravy and some steamed green beans” which sounds like some great tasting sausages so great in fact that I wouldnt even care if they had meat or not in them. But sadly those poetically described ingredients couldnt be found, not by my tastebuds anyways.”

    WTF? that’s a serving suggestion, not the ingredients. It is suggesting that you serve the sausages with mash gravy and green beans. Not the ingredients.

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