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2 Comments on Can Cook Tinned Pulled Pork Review

  1. V PRIOR

    This is the most disgusting product I have ever tasted. Who on earth was the taste tester for you ???
    I tried it hot + cold and although slightly mire edible hot it still tasted liked really very odd.
    I didnt expect it to taste fantastic due to it being tinned but it was 100% worse than that.
    It tasted more like sardines smashed up on toast.
    It got binned.
    I definitely wont be buying this again nor anything else in the Can Cook range as you have no idea what pulled pork should look or taste like obviously

    • Editor

      Hi, we totally agree with you. If you read the review, the reviewer actually states “I don’t really like it…” . That being said, I also agree that the ratings do look a bit high for this product but that is the mark that our reviewer has given it. We give the option for any reader to add there own ratings so that you can give it the rating that you think it deserves.

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