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19 Comments on Bapao Beef Steamed Bun Review

  1. Mandje

    It was a nice surprise and a kind of a shock to see bapao in the fridge of the Coop. I’m originally from Indonesia and miss certain food a lot. I tried beef and chicken and both were delicious yet the beef ones have my preference. They were not cheap at £1 each but it’s just a delicious treat. Thanks Coop.

  2. Joy

    I bought loads It was absolutely delicious I’m from the Philippines and like everyone I was so surprised to see this in coop. Please stock some more..

  3. Mrs K Butterworth

    When i showed my daughter the BAPAO she pulled her face, it was a different story when she tucked into it at work
    she loved it as it was nice and hot plus flavoursome.

  4. Jason

    Do coop still sell these? I only knew of one that did and now they’ve stopped. Anyone know how i can get my hands on more of these?

  5. Caleb

    I got one of these the other day to try something new, I loved it so much I ended up having a dream about them. Today I got more and I’m so happy! They’re so good, and 40 seconds in the microwave will not cause the bag to explode.

  6. Mary

    Really nice. Didnt expect them to be. looks pale and uninteresting but its really soft and the sweet and then totally savoury centre is really nice. Nice quick snack

  7. Adam

    It was a favourite of mine when I lived in the Netherlands over 20 years ago. I spotted these in the co-op near my parents house and more recently in my local co-op and the world seems a better place 🙂

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