13 Comments on Lidl Tinned Mild Chicken Curry Review

  1. stephen watts

    Recently noticed the curry must have been changed as a different colour, less chicken lumps, not as thick and tastes different would like to hear of similar thoughts

  2. Mary

    I use to love this but am now embarrassed to give it to my family it’s a funny colour and much less chicken now. Appreciate only 99p, I would be happy to pay more if they improved it

    • Mark

      Feel your pain ,partner and I had this curry and suffered for over a week stomach cramps bloating wind and diarrhoea.
      We had thought we were just unlucky .

  3. paul

    I bought the chicken curry, I was very disappointed to find one small peice of chicken, also Company wont answer emails, regarding complaint

  4. I’ve never had any problems with this Mild version, nor the Hot one from Lidl. There’s always a decent amount of chicken in the ones I have bought. Definitely never had “the screaming abdabs” from it. Guess some of the other commenters had a tad of bad luck.

    After reading this review, I decided to “optimize” one of these curries (actually the Hot version, but it’ll work with the Mild too). I amped the flavours with garlic and ginger and a bunch of extra veg to pad it out. It was pretty good.

    I wrote about it on my spice blog, but won’t spam your comments with links. You can click my comment name and rummage for “budget chicken curry” and you’ll find it! (And the next step would be to add some extra freshly stir-fried chicken pieces. That should solve part of the problem for other commenters who only got a tiny portion in their product.)

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