3 Comments on Lidl Solevita Coconut Water Review

  1. chrisgg

    I enjoy this coconut water and I’ve tried quite few. I think the flavour is soft and refreshing. Like all coconut water, in my opinion, it needs to be drunk ice cold from the fridge. I put it in the freezer for an hour or two so lumps of ice begin to form inside the carton…then leave it in the ordinary fridge so that the ice keeps it very cold. Delicious for hydration after physical activity like running, cycling etc.

  2. Trini chic

    I really enjoyed this coconut water. I have tasted many different types from different supermarkets and this one is the best I have ever had. know it’s not 100% but it is close enough. I will continue to buy it. Very refreshing when it’s cold. I will refer it to all my friends and family as well.
    Reminds me of home

  3. Nicola Del Franco

    Have you ever drunk the real coconut water? If yes, then you know how this lidl drink should taste. If not, then expect the worst taste ever that you can imagine. This review says everything. That is pure money spend direct in the bin. Is nothing else then a bad product

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