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16 Comments on Aldi Watermelon, Coconut & White Tea Drink Review

  1. Bella

    I love this flavour. It is copied from M&S’s Spirit Summer Watermelon & Coconut White Tea. M&S’s does not leave you with that sickly sweet taste as the taste is a little more subtle than Aldi’s. However, other than that, they have the same taste. Love this drink!

  2. Jayda Dean

    Bought this for myself, as soon as I hot home my teenage child drank it. She loved the flavour, similar to the m&s version but is more fragrant and sweet. I will be buying more

  3. Steve G

    I had some today. Great drink. I will be going back for a lot more. Good figures on sugar etc too. Highly recommended if you like coconut.

  4. Charlotte

    I absolutely love this drink and want to know if it can be brought as a multi packet instead of individual bottles.
    Highly recommended n good for you

  5. Carolyn jukes

    Absolutely love this drink so does my daughter . We brought 4 bottles today 19 February . Will be going back for more . But wondered if they did it in multi packs or bigger bottles . Carolyn and Natalie

  6. June Rennie

    Hi, went to ALDI in Evesham today specifically to buy some more of this gorgeous drink, but none could be found. It makes a refreshing change for us diabetics as it is so low in sugar. I hope ALDI haven’t stopped making it.

  7. DYLusional Consumer

    I don’t know if everyone who has had this drink is just really thick (as in has a brain the size of a peanut), or is afraid to say it, but just take a nice long look at the ingredients. Then look at the label. And back to the ingredients. This product has been falsely advertised. The only extracts in the drink are CARROT and BLACKCURRANT. NOT watermelon and coconut as we are led to believe. It’s a fake drink to boost sales. And the reason it is sickly sweet after 3 quarters of a bottle is because it contains Sucralose, a chemical sweetener designed to enhance taste. So I suppose everything is not what it is advertised to be.

  8. Buddy

    I have been buying this drink & the mango one for a good few weeks now & I’ve gone in to get more & none to be found tonight I went in again & told it’s been discontinued as I asked the manager about it! This has happened before where I find something I really like & after a few months is discontinued! Why I wonder ???

    • Editor

      Yes, its a shame they’re no longer available as they are one of the better tasting still drinks around. You’ve been lucky though, our stores haven’t had them in for over 6 months.

  9. This is the best drink I have ever had. Yet just like all Aldi products they just disappear from the shelves no explanation no nothing. Ask the staff they don’t know either, you may be cheap Aldi but that’s all you are utterly Bloody useless.

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