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14 Comments on Aldi Protein Pot Review

  1. sally

    Just had my first protein pot and have to say it was so delicious! I really enjoyed the taste and texture, I will definitely be buying more!

    • Dab

      I agree with Sally. Ignore the review above. These protein pots are delicious. The reason i ended up on this review is because after eating my first pop I was hoping to find the ingredients so i can make something similar in bulk.

      • Tori

        I agree, they have just stopped them for Christmas and I won’t be going to aldi until they come back in. It is out of my way but worth it for the edamame protein pots

    • Melanie macdonald

      I buy this protein pot at least twice a week with the spinach and egg. Together these are a fantastic main meal. As a single pot I could not ask for more. The crunchiness of the beans are to die for . Overall I would give top marks

    • Ja

      Yay Sally, I agree! and with DAB’s reply. I do feel a little bit expensive though. 4 star taste, health and quality, 3 star cost, 5 star buy again.

  2. Mel

    I agree with Sally and Dab, I’ve just eaten my first pot and loved it. (however, I didn’t bother with the dressing). Portion size was perfect and the chilli gives it a welcome kick.

  3. Inge Heisig

    Had one of these today. The review in the article itself doesn’t do the product justice. Little pot of tasty heaven. Great flavour with the dressing which I enjoyed down to the last mouthful. The beans need a good bit of chewing as they’re al Dante / crunchy, so this makes the pot last quite a while so you’re feeling really satisfied by the time you’ve finished it.

  4. Maggie

    It certainly has got a kick! I probably wouldn’t put all the dressing on next time. Very filling for a quick lunch. It would be good if someone worked out the Slimming World syn value of these-with and without the dressing.

  5. Tina

    Don’t listen to the review these little pots are yummy! Try them with some warmed spicy Moroccon Falafel, (also from Aldi) for a fab quick lunch!

  6. Newbird

    VERY sad that Aldi have now discontinued these delicious Vegan treats and have now given us a pot of pea mush in their place. 5 stars for the old ones that I really loved with the fabulous dressing. 2 stars for the replacement, not great texture, less edamame beans, and no yummy dressing. ☹️ Non of the other pots are suitable for Vegans, none of their sandwiches or wraps are either.

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