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  1. Peter May

    How can they call that a Cornish Pasty? It looks absolutely disgusting and look at the ingredients, they have no idea how to provide a tasty pasty without adding a load of extras that a true Cornish Pasty has and they even fail at that. What an insult to the true Genuine Cornish Pasty!
    They’re not even made in Cornwall, so they are illegal copies and should be removed from Aldi shelves.

    • Editor

      Hi, I totally agree, I have had the pleasure of having a true Cornish Pasty in Cornwall and this product was a poor copy. And you’re absolutely right, with its EU PGI status it is illegal(at the moment)to call a pasty Cornish if its not produced in Cornwall.

  2. When I make a pie I do not say underneath it there might be peanuts in it because some people can’t eat peanuts. Change the mixers and clean them after use then this will not happen.
    Now I can eat this because I am hungry ? Hospital visit. Or go without and stave which could bring on a fit. So tell me what do I do😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Sven Sanggaard

    Aldi new pasties are not a patch on their previous “Traditional” Cornish Pasties which were individually wrapped and priced at 49p each. The replacement item is quite frankly disgusting to taste, it lookes like cheap minced meat with added onion, nothing at all like any half decent pasty I have ever had, and, sorry to be repetitive, not a patch on the product its replacing. Its interesting that Lidl did the same thing some time ago, replacing an excellent product with something totally rubbish by comparison. Aldi, you have made a huge mistake!

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