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6 Comments on Aldi Sweet Beetroot Crisps Review

  1. Olbi Iyah

    I ate a pack of these when I was stuck in traffic the other day. Top notch crisp. So I thought… Later that night I went to the loo. I was pissing blood. I didn’t remember I ate them, the next morning I checked my pockets and realised that I greedily ate a whole packet. Thus turning my urine blood red. My life flashed before my eyes. Still nice crips though.

    • Editor

      That was one of the funniest things I’ve heard for weeks. Actually both funny and alarming. I don’t remember the same thing happening to me….but then again I didn’t wolf it down in one go though! But yeah, I agree, nice crisps

  2. I tried these, as I usually make my own parsnip and beetroot crisps, and eat them with homemade guacamole-delicious! These could be an emergency supply. Can anyone tell me though if the sugars, as stated on the back, are natural sugars or whether they have been added. There’s no need to put added sugar in crisps and yet most manufacturers put lots in. I hope they are natural as this will be a great product if that’s the case.

  3. Ruth Reid

    Olbi I feel your pain! The exact thing happened to me. Blood orange coloured wee! I’m 17 weeks pregnant too so it terrified me but all is good just overload of beetroot lol X

  4. Rod

    I’ve tried these beetroot crisps and they are EXTREMELY salty.
    So much so that the inside of the packet has salt particles stuck to the entire inner package.
    There must be a production line fault!
    I shall be writing directly to Aldi about this.

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