23 Comments on Aldi Hike Protein Bar Review

  1. Night Owl

    I like these. A good size for your back pocket when out cycling, and a nice taste. If you’ve scored it at 82% I don’t understand your reluctance to buy it again?

  2. Carl

    I’m a novice extreme sport enthusiast and glad I’ve come across these little gems. Currently training for my first Iron Man event and these Hike bars are perfect for fueling those long training sessions. Not keen on the chocolate flavor but the berry and banana ones are spot on for me. Would be ideal if you could buy these in bulk

  3. Gina Willis

    I like the moist chewiness of these bars, which are comparable with branded protein energy bars. Excellent value. They are easy to eat and swallow whilst on the bike. They contain high protein and natural sugars/carbs from the fruit content. I will be buying more in the future to fuel me on my longer cycle rides.

  4. Bambi Pratt

    Bought two bars last week, thoroughly satisfying, good taste and chewiness. Kept me and my husband full after long walk. Went back yesterday and bought 12 more in three different flavours. Good price too compared to other protein bars. Well done Aldi!!

  5. Chris

    I totally agree about the chocolate flavour banana are ok though they are good value compared to sport shop prices would be better if you could by in bulk

  6. Sandra

    It has 45g carb/30g sugar and only 19g protein per 100g! WAY too much sugar and too little protein to call it a protein bar!

  7. Les

    I really like them. Not a good bar between meals as need more protein but a good energy bar (lots of carbs) with protein.
    Make this a 20g protein bar at 75p and I’d buy all day.

  8. I’m awful for not eating breakfast. I’ve found these great for a morning snack as I leave for work to kick start my metabolism and they taste better than other “branded” bars, and have less calories than “cereal bars”

    • Neil Simpson

      You don’t really need to kickstart your metabolism as it never really stops else you’d be dead. Plus way too much sugar in these for a breakfast item. Buy some Debbie and Andrew’s 97% sausages and pre-cook them!

  9. James

    Had a couple for breakfast this morning before my run. Quite nice tasting, low fat, high protein, and only 50p each. I’ll definitely be buying more.

  10. Jan

    i love these bars. tasty, satisfying, relatively cheap, full of dates – which i wouldn’t normally eat and a reliable source of protein. I can’t fault them and I will be buying more of them.

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