12 Comments on Aldi Acti Leaf Sweetened Almond Milk Review

    • Editor

      Hi, I have no idea, all the ingredients and other info were listed as it was on the pack. You would have to contact Aldi Customer Services for that information

  1. Siobhan

    hi. I bought almond milk free m Aldi yesterday when I opened the container what was inside was highly disturbing.. my daughter is just after drinking that milk which was in this container.. the date on this is 2018 so how do you expect it to last the long if it’s like this now.. it was just opened so don’t tell me you have to use within 3 days of opening.

  2. Taster Masters

    The editor ‘s review is very poor in my view.
    I have used this product quite a bit but only because it’s cheap!
    I find the flavour very unpleasant, not really like a food product at all . Nutty taste? That’s a joke !
    It has tones of compost.
    I would almost prefer to swallow a tablespoon of Spirulina straight !

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