7 Comments on Bapao Beef Steamed Bun Review

  1. Mandje

    It was a nice surprise and a kind of a shock to see bapao in the fridge of the Coop. I’m originally from Indonesia and miss certain food a lot. I tried beef and chicken and both were delicious yet the beef ones have my preference. They were not cheap at £1 each but it’s just a delicious treat. Thanks Coop.

  2. Joy

    I bought loads It was absolutely delicious I’m from the Philippines and like everyone I was so surprised to see this in coop. Please stock some more..

  3. Mrs K Butterworth

    When i showed my daughter the BAPAO she pulled her face, it was a different story when she tucked into it at work
    she loved it as it was nice and hot plus flavoursome.

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