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18 Comments on Fosters Rocks Spice Rum Review

  1. This is quite possibly one of the worst drinks I’ve ever tasted. I expected good things. I like lager, I like Spiced Rum. Together it should be amazing. But I can’t taste the lager, all I get is synthetic fruit flavours. However, the one benefit of this drink is the face it makes me pull – I am a shoe in to win the next gurning championships!

    In short: Avoid. It’s horrible.

  2. Doc

    Well i think its a bloody great drink and will certainly be buying it again. You lot don’t know a good drink so stick to lemonade lol!!

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    i love spiced rum with a passion and out of all the lagers i love fosters and when i see this fantastic combination of the two i coyldnt help but purchase 4 cans and i have to say it was not quiet what i ecpected but then again probably because i drink mainly just rum and coke but i have to say what a delight to my mouth it was so fruity, refreshing and i would hands down recommend and buy this product again !

  4. Lee

    I had two cans with my brother. Ok taste until half an hour later. We both felt sick. I’ll be avoiding it like herpes infected whores.

  5. Gerry

    This is the second time I’ve had more than 2 cans, it’s kept me awake all night on both occasions, WHY? I love the stuff,

  6. Neville

    Hi. So spiced rum and lager. At first I thought whhhhattttt. But then I tasted it on a hot day last week. It actually caught me. I was like mmmmm this is amazing. So much so I drank 10 cans. That was Saturday. Today Wednesday, I find myself wanting some more. The taste of sweet beer /rum. Is a combination I will say ROCKS my world. See why I did there. CHEERS

  7. Jason Lewis

    As a dedicated lager and serious rum drinker, I thought that this would be an interesting combination. I was right. It tastes much more like rum & coke than anything else. A bit too sweet personally, but still great ice cold.

  8. I Black

    This is the BEST tasting Lager i have ever had….i love Rum and the both go together very well…i now only drink this lager…unfortunately Tescos dont sell this any more…i think Fosters has cancelled making it!!!…another one of my great tastes gone!!

  9. Editor

    Well, it looks like the end has come for this drink, it looks like production has stopped as all supermarkets are dumping stock of this drink. I’ve heard fans of this drink have been stock piling it before it’s gone for good.

  10. Maggie Rafter

    It beats ‘Radler’ hands down ………………………. discontinue that and keep the the rocks!!!!
    The lager with lemon added is gassy and horrible the rocks is a real beer drink not sweet and not too gassy – get rid of the lemon and give us more rum!!!!!!

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    Asda supermarkets used to sell it either 4pkt or box of10 now they don’t sell it I bought it regularly it was nicer than plain fosters lager

  12. Kayt Radford

    I used to bloody love this stuff! Kind of like a shandy with a twist. Amazing ice-cold and my fridge would’ve been filled with it this Summer. Really hoping it makes a come-back.

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