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  1. Watson Graham

    Beats Redbull. I quite liked the taste. and I found it thirst quenching. It has renewed my interest in coconuts as an additional healthy foodstuff.

  2. I have bought this product several times and although not as tasty as some of the more expensive ones, I have been happy with the price. Last week I opened and drank from a new carton and was shocked at the bleach/detergent taste of it. The taste was strong and so I complained to Aldi customer service team only to be informed that it was “probably” a mould growing inside as a result of a breakdown somewhere in the carton. I took it back to the store and filled in a complaint form with all the details. The following day, I received a “reassuring” call from customer services, to tell me that it was a mould problem – again. Nothing to worry about.
    After mulling this over for a short time, I became angry that this so-called “mould” problem was dismissed so lightly; as if it was of no account. Not only that, but as I explained, when I subsequently ‘phoned them back, no relevant time had elapsed for the product to be tested in order to verify their assertions. They said that they could not test the contents and they also could not reveal the name of their suppliers to me.
    I know that mould may be harmless to most people, but I also know that it can be potentially fatal to an immunocompromised person.
    I am very unhappy about how my complaint, so far, has been dealt with and have no confidence in ever using this product again
    I am now awaiting a correspondence from their Quality Assurance department.

    • Editor

      Hi, thanks for bringing this to the public’s attention. While their explanation of what happened seems plausible, without having tested the product fully they should not come to that definite conclusion. I am very surprised at their poor customer service with your problem.

  3. Raymond

    I drink about a liter of coconut water a day and tried the Aldi brand yesterday. OMG, it taste like dishwater and smells like a cross between sewer and bleach – disgusting.

  4. mike

    barcode this product made in china came up …….man made product not real coconut juice
    TROPICOS is the company that came up the barcode address of this product ….YUK YUK YUK TASTE SEWER DISHWATER ECT ECT MOULD SMELL INSIDE CARTON……
    very very upset

  5. Ross

    I am a huge fan of a coconut water and have tried most. I can honestly say aldi’s coco loco water is the best i have tried, so shocked by that review and even question its authenticity.

    • Editor

      Thanks for your review, from the comments it seems that there are definitely mixed feelings about this product. We have now added the Readers Rating option so readers can give it the rating they think it deserves.

  6. Alfred

    i love to review products that people hate because i wanna know why….

    after seeing all the hate and filth and moaning about this product i went to buy 4 bottles of coco loco coconut water from aldi to fully test and taste it flavours and look upon it’s quality of it packaging

    took a huge gulp of coco loco at first it was just cold water only water flavour after 27 seconds letting it soak into my tounge there was a microscopic slight little hint of cottage cheese flavour that’s most likely the acid flavours but i do taste the coconut alittle while later then fades away fast the product it self is not that bad i believe it contains too much sugar i honestly believe reducing sugar levels will make this product taste alot better i rate this product 5/10

    the product packaging is perfect proper quality carton made by Tetra Pak a well known brand for keeping liquids fresh and well preserved right height and width and size for being able to just hold and drink from
    the blue lid has 3 twisted spikes that dig into the seal it is the right amount of strength to twist open it has a nice silver lining that the cap twists and breaks threw so you know noone has tampered with the product it is excellent 10/10 for packaging and safety

    i have tasted i alot i mean alot worst than coco loco so the hate is unwarranted so much hate for no reason at all over exaggerating saying it tastes like bleach or sewer or dirty dish water is just silly and comical you gave me a good laugh 10/10 for comedy

    all the reviews above are false it does not taste like bleach or sewer or dirty dish water

  7. grace24x7

    I am from Kerala, the land of coconuts and have drank plenty of real coconut water when i was a child . It tastes good. I have even passed this samples to my friends and they too gave me a thumbs up. I think some of the folks who compared this as a sewer water might have accidentally tasted the sewage water, needs to have a thorough brushing & a mouth rinse with a reputed brand mouthwash. Should then taste the real coconut water and try a cartoon of coco loco. They would then never make such comments. Absolutely grateful to Aldi for selling coco loco. Every week i have at least 3 cartoons. It brings back all the sweet childhood memories.

  8. Editor

    It seems like we might have to review this drink again because there seems to be a large difference of opinion.

  9. Roy

    I really enjoy the taste of Aldis Coconut water. Quick question about the 11g of sugar. Is that amount of sugar bad for you? I drink a full bottle at lunch times.

    • Editor

      Firstly, I didn’t know they did smaller bottled versions. But if you’re drinking a 1 litre carton(44g Sugar) a comparable amount would be Mountain Dew 1 litre(66g) and 1 Litre Sweetened Soya Milk(25g)

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