XMAS 2014

1 Comment on Tesco Finest Gluten Free Christmas Pudding Review

  1. Carole Freeman

    I was visiting family in the U.K. At the end of November and found the Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Pudding while in Tesco’s. I was so excited to find a Christmas Pud that I could it that I bought it took it back to Canada so I could enjoy an old Christmas favourite. I was blown away! 10/10 all around. It was quick and easy just heating in the microwave for 70 seconds and even without custard, it was very moist, extremely flavourful, delicious so I savoured every bite ( It served two, but I had the whole pudding in one sitting!). You could really taste the liquor in the pud, which warmed me inside and out. The best before date was till March 2019… oh, why, oh why, didn’t I buy more!!!

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