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44 Comments on Aldi Gluten Free Pea Snacks Review

  1. Dave

    I have tried these pea snacks out since i first saw them in my local ALDI branch
    They are great …. well done “PASSIONS” for creating them ,
    Low in salt, little to very minimal fat content and gluten free, a source of protein , what more can i say apart from a totally healthy snack that you could eat in a calorie controlled diet.
    My only gripe is that there are not anymore flavors or that you can not buy bigger bags of them

  2. Andrew

    Best crisps ever. I love them. They taste so good. Taste like peas and sweet chilli. So weird, does exactly what it says on the pack. Try them!! Multi pack needs to be put in the shelf

  3. Chris

    I had a bag of these a few weeks ago – I really loved them. As an avid snackaholic I really should eat more of these – onlyu trouble is my nearest ALDI is 80 miles away so I don’t get there very often. Bulk packs/larger bags would be great.

  4. Linda perkins

    Aldi to a fantastic gluten free range, I noticed these Pea Snacks – sweet chili flavour ..
    I love them …
    The price is also resonable these snacks taste great with a cold glass of wine ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  5. Rita Doggrell

    Love all the flavours, as one who is on a weight loss mission I ffind eating a few of these pea snack pods satisfies and negates any thoughts of regular crisps.

    • Chloe

      Yes, I love these tasty crisps, they contain lots of variety and I wish to see some new flavours. I really like them and think they taste like what it says on the packet…you can also melt them on your tongue ๐Ÿ‘… which is extremely satisfying… I love them. I take one packet to school every day because they are so nice… they have overtaken my usual crisps

  6. Betty Noir

    They sell six packs of these in my Local Aldi and I’m addicted! You can buy single bags of sweet chill or salt n vinegar, and six packs of either chilli and lime or Malysian sweet curry. They have become my go-to snack and I’m in love.

    • Editor

      Hi, Thanks for the info. I didn’t know they sold them in multi-packs, I’ll have to look out for them and the tasty sounding Malaysian Sweet Curry

  7. Alastair McClelland

    Came across these today. Looked at the nutritional info and was astounded. Really healthy and a tasty crisp. Great effort producing the product, I’m telling everyone I know to try them.

  8. Marilyn Murdoch

    Picked up a pack of sweet chilli at the aldi checkout n rather like them, n low fat, so could be persuaded to try other flavours.

  9. chellsea Dagger

    The Chilli ones are by far the best in the smaller bags.
    They do two flavours in the ‘share (lol) size ‘ bags, Thai red curry and sour cream and chives.
    I agree they need a multipack.

  10. Lynn

    I tried the sweet chilli pea snacks this evening and absolutely love them !..And as a bonus they are full of protein and very good for you …Multiple please ?

    • Mandy

      I’m trying to find.out the Syn value also. They can’t be too high because they are low fat and.low sugar. Alroubd very healthy snack and great tasting too.

  11. paul ebbage

    What the reviewer said was very good & i agree with it all, Aldi has done very well to get a snack out there which is very tasty & good for you

  12. Tom

    Hey! Pea snacks people! We bloody love your pea snacks! They are a bit weird but they are ACE and you deserve to get seriously rich out of your lovely PEAS!

  13. Canne

    I love these, so does my husband. Like many before have said “need bulk packs” The sweet chilli is our favourite.

  14. Brian Hunt

    I love the salt and vinegar version of this snack although it;s a bit claggy in the mouth. I keep buying from my local Aldi and look forward to trying more flavours.

    But whoever wrote the copy in the above Review needs to go back to school and learn English, There are so many errors in grammar, syntax, capitalisation, punctiation that I almost got fed up reading it. It does nothing to enhance the perceived quality of the product or company. Get it looked at by a professional copywriter.

  15. Ollie

    Why would a health watcher want to eat less fat per se? I mean, less rapeseed oil sure, but most people don’t get anywhere near enough healthy & whole food fats. I thought the low fat craze was debunked 10 years ago, at least in the cognoscenti.

  16. Garry

    I have tried snackrite pea snacks chorizo and red pepper. I’m addicted they are so good. I have been buying them every week for awhile now. I visited my local aldi today and since they have introduced food limits to 4 per customer. I wish they came in multi pack in ireland. So disappointed leaving with just my four bags

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