Who are we and who are the testers?

Well, we’re just a bunch of regular folks working at the Setia Media offices testing out the latest supermarket products. But that’s what you want right?

You don’t want these products tested and reviewed by the 1% of the population that have super senses and mutant taste buds, you want regular people testing out regular food not people that are going to smell the “bouquet” of a new Rustler’s Burger before taking a bite, swashing it around in their mouth and spitting it into the bin before reviewing it using 12 letter words most of us have never heard of outside of Eton…..that’s what you want, you want people like Jordan that eats any old crap, Sarah that buys anything with a “New” sticker on it and Mashra that has more allergies than a Bubble Boy….that’s who you want testing these new products….regular people like you and me that go down the supermarket but like to find out what products are like first before parting with our hard earned cash….and looking for bargains and coupons at the same time….I don’t know, there’s just a sense of accomplishment when you hand over a wad of coupons and hear the beeping minus sound at the checkout that just makes the world a better place…..Ahhhh, but I digress.

But as I was saying we’re just a bunch of hard working people(Hah!, truth be told the boss only started this website so we could be doing something in our spare time at the office instead of playing sockball) that not only want to test all the latest supermarket products, but also we will endeavor to test every Gluten Free and Dairy Free product known to man….well at least available to buy in the UK supermarkets that is, and to give you the consumer an unbiased opinion on what’s new at your local checkout from the Top 7 UK Supermarkets and maybe possibly Spar….or maybe not.

The Setia Media Team